Corte Madera Town Band Guidelines for Members

President:    Lloyd Gross                    Phone:   415-381-0515        Email:

Librarian:   Bonnie Gonzalez            Phone:   415-924-6834       Email:

Roster:         Ted MacKay                    Phone:   415-203-5307        Email:

Treasurer:   Kim Bishop                    Phone:   415-457-1627         Email:


Welcome to the Corte Madera Town Band! We are happy to have you with us and hope that your Band experience will be a pleasant and rewarding one. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the following membership guidelines.

Philosophy:  The Band welcomes people of all ages and from all walks of life. As a group, we have a great deal of fun, but we take our music-making seriously. Our success and development as a concert band depend on the active participation of every member. This is an ensemble effort in which the conductor and the members rely on each other. We ask that you be committed to this Band and plan to attend every rehearsal and concert, barring illness or travel. Members are encouraged to draft additional competent players.

Equipment:  You will need to provide your own instrument (in good working order) and music stand. You are encouraged to own and use a tuner and a metronome.  Tuners should be set to 440 Hz.  Make sure your instrument is tuned before rehearsals and concerts begin. If you need instruction in using a tuner, consult your section leader.  You should always bring a pencil to rehearsal. For our concerts make sure you have a music stand, wind clips or clothes pins for outdoor concerts to secure your music, and have access to a music stand light for venues which might have inadequate lighting

Rehearsal and Concert Etiquette:  Rehearsal and concert etiquette is based on two basic principles – responsibility and respect.

  • You should arrive at rehearsal with all your equipment and with the pre-announced music (see Communications) ready to play.
  • Musical interpretation is at the discretion of the conductor. Questions regarding musical interpretation are to be addressed privately with the conductor.
  • To maximize rehearsal productivity and concert professionalism, socializing and conversation should be limited to before or after the rehearsal or concert or during the rehearsal break.
  • There is no room for disrespect of the conductor or fellow band members in our volunteer organization.  Disrespectful conduct or speech is grounds for dismissal from the Band.

 Rehearsals:  are held in the Music Room at Neil Cummins elementary school on Thursday evenings.  The room opens at 6:45 pm. The downbeat is at 7:15 pm. You will need to be set up, warmed up, and tuned beforehand, so arrive in enough time to properly prepare.  Rehearsals end by 9:15 pm.

Concerts:  Arrive at concerts one-half hour before the announced starting time. Please be in your seat, warming up and tuning, 20 minutes before the concert begins.

Concert Season:  The concert season runs from Labor Day through July. Concert dates vary each year, and we average 5-8 performances per year.  Many of these performances are on weekends.

Preparation and Practice:  The Corte Madera Town Band is not a beginning or a rehearsal band.  We practice together with performances as our goal.  Some of the music will challenge you. A set list will be made available by the Monday prior to a rehearsal.  Conscientious practice prior to a rehearsal is STRONGLY encouraged.  Failure to do so has a negative effect on the entire Band and hurts our reputation as a serious organization.  Please practice your music on your own during the week and arrive at rehearsal as prepared as possible.  Every practice session will make you a better musician and thereby make this a better Band.

Dues:  Annual dues are $30 per year payable to the Treasurer in September or at the time that you join.


  • Informal concerts:  You will be provided with a long-sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, hat, and vest when you join the band.  The rest of our informal concert attire consists of khaki pants, dark socks, and dark shoes.
  • Formal Concerts: You will need to provide your own “concert black” apparel for formal/indoor concerts.  The purpose of concert black apparel is to minimize visual distractions from the music.  For men, this consists of black slacks, black long-sleeved shirts, and black four-in-hand ties.  Women may wear either black slacks or long skirts and black long-sleeved shirts.  All musicians should wear black hosiery and black close-toed shoes.


  • Section Leaders:  Communicate with your section leader.  If you have questions, check with him/her first.  If you will be unavoidably absent at a rehearsal or concert, let your section leader AND the conductor know as far in advance as possible.  Be loyal to your section and know that your absence may necessitate changes in who plays what part when. Sectional rehearsals are encouraged to improve preparation for rehearsals and concerts.
  • Librarian:   The conductor or President will email a list of pieces to be rehearsed or performed.  The Librarian will email new music to each member. Email the Librarian to request music you do not have, listing title and part (i.e. Clarinet 3). Do not wait until rehearsal day to let your music needs be known. Note:  You are responsible for keeping all your music in good order.  If you have questions about how to best organize your music, talk to your section leader.
  • Keeping you informed: E-mail is the usual way of communicating with the membership.  If your contact information changes (address, phone number, or e-mail), inform the President and the member who maintains the roster.  If you do not use email, please ask your section leader to keep you informed when e-mail announcements are sent. Important announcements about rehearsals and concerts will also be sent via e-mail and announced on the website.

Separation:  Music and uniform are the property of the Band and must be returned if you withdraw.

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